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Mayhill Junior School


Junior School


School Improvement Plan 2016 - 2017

The school has adopted 4 priorities for the academic year 2016-17. They are: 

Priority 1

To improve writing outcomes, in particular for boys

We aim to ensure that all pupils make good or outstanding progress from their personal starting point.  This year we wish to build on the progress made last year by improving results in writing so that they are at least in line with national and county standards.  Whilst all children are targeted, girls currently attain higher standards than boys (as they do nationally and across Hampshire) and through curriculum design and subtle teaching strategies,  writing outcomes for all children should improve. 

Priority 2

To develop the provision for higher attaining children (2 year priority)

Following the recommendations from our last OFSTED report, we are starting a 2 year development to ensure we provide outstanding enrichment and challenge for higher attaining children.  This year we are focusing on quality first teaching in every lesson - this is achieved by improving the impact from our daily assessment and then planning work that accurately meets the needs of the child.  By relfecting more accurately, we believe the level of challenge will improve and be targeted to areas of learning that they find more difficult.  Next year we will start to evaluate all of the enrichment opportunities higher attaining children recieve at Mayhill by visiting local schools and identifying new opportunities to extend their thinking. 

Priority 3

Embed a new assessment framework that supports improved outcomes for all children.

We aim to be rigorous in our approach to assessment, making sure that we track each child's progress frequently and thoroughly so that we can identify and support anyone who is struggling.

We would like to share your child's progress with you more often so that we are all working together to make sure that each pupil does the very best they can year after year.  We also want to ensure that if you are a parent, you understand what 'Age Related Expectations' means and know what you can do to support your child further.

We are a school that strives for every child to make outstanding progress from their starting point, whatever their starting point may be.

Priority 4

To develop an outstanding new curriculum

We aim to provide outstanding lessons and educational experiences across our curriculum.  Our children deserve the best and we pride ourselves in identifying their personal interests and talents and tailoring our lessons based on these. During 2016/17 we are building upon our topic based curriculum and our priorities will be to enhance our program of residential experiences from Y3 to Y6;  develop a curriculum that shows even better progression of learning from Buryfields Infant School and into Robert Mays Secondary; and to improve the outcomes in Science and PE!