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Mayhill Junior School


Junior School


Year 3

Our teachers are Mrs Allen and Mr Barry

Long term Curriculum Overview for Year 3 - click here.

Y3 Residential

Each year, we invite the Year 3 children to come for a sleepover in the school hall. For many children, this is their first night away from home and helps provide a stepping stone to longer residential experiences in other years. 

Y3 Homework

At Mayhill we see the purpose of home learning as the following:

  • Consolidating and reinforcing skills and understanding, particularly in English and Maths.
  • Exploiting resources for learning of all kinds at home and developing the learning environment from the school to home.
  • Encouraging pupils, as they get older to develop the confidence and self-discipline needed to study on their own, and preparing them for the requirements of secondary school.

For more detailed information, see the Home Learning Policy on our 'Policies' page.

Y3 Blog

Check out our blog to see what we have been getting up to in Year 3!

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  • Marvellous Maths

    Published 09/10/22, by Y3 pupil

    What a positive start to Maths at Mayhill!

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  • A New Beginning

    Published 27/09/22, by Y3 pupil

    Welcome to Year 3 - Where learning happens

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  • Mummifying cucumber

    Published 13/05/19, by Y3 pupil
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  • E-Safety Day

    Published 06/02/19, by Y3 pupil

    On Wednesday 6th February, Year 3 had a fabulously creative day making board games to teach players all about keeping safe online. 

    We considered what we already know about e-safety and then discussed how the choices we make online leave behind a ‘digital footprint’ which reveals information about us.  

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  • Stunning Stonehenge!

    Published 18/10/18, by Y3 pupil

    In early October, Year 3 enjoyed a busy day out at Stonehenge.  Everyone was full of anticipation on the coach journey, discussing what they might discover on the trip – and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

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  • A track racing day in Science!

    Published 02/05/18, by Y3 pupil

    In Science we were asked the question: 'How can magnets help you to create your own racing car track for Jack Stalwart?'

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  • Life Bus comes to Mayhill!

    Published 26/04/18, by Y3 pupil

    Our afternoon session on the Life Bus was very interactive, with the children proudly offering up lots of facts they already knew!  They were fascinated to learn more about how internal organs perform particular functions to help us stay healthy.  We discussed lifestyle choices which can keep our bodies in an optimum condition and also explored how we can be a good friend to others.

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  • Sport Relief Day 2018

    Published 26/03/18, by Y3 pupil

    Last Friday all of the children at Mayhill did their bit for this year's Sport Relief Fundraising campaign. We had a brilliant day wearing our favourite sports kits and being active, whilst at the same time raising money for Sport Relief. During the morning we (including staff!!) took on the Billion Step Challenge, and challenged oursleves to complete as many step ups as we could in a 2m period. As a school we completed over 18,500 step ups in the 2 minutes, WOW! What an amazing effort from everyone involved. We were also curious to see which RAF base we would be able to make it to using all of these steps, would it be Northolt, Lossiemouth or every Akrotiri! After much careful calculating and checking, in depth discussion over how many steps were involved in one step up and then some more careful calculations and checks we settled on a total distance of 55km. Well we didn't quite manage RAF Akrotiri but we did manage to get to RAF Northolt!

    In addition to step up challenge we also had 4 children running a sponsored mile, which culminated in a proad last stretch through the parted assembly crowd, finishing just in front of the stage. Well done to Reggie Bleathman, Daisy Grindal, Ollie McConnell and Thomas McArt. A fantastic effort and a great end to a very active day, phew!

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  • Footprints in the playground!

    Published 11/09/17, by Y3 pupil

    What a start to our Stone Age topic!

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  • Night at the School

    Published 26/05/17, by Y3 pupil

    An amazing evening was spent by the children in Year 3 sleeping over in the school hall. There was rounders, a treasure hunt at the church, hot dogs, bedtime stories and a lot of late night chatting! The sleepover was enjoyed by all and it would seem just one night staying in Mayhill's spooky buildings has inspired a ghostly crop of stories. Here is an example of one of the creepy tales, written by Dylan Stubbs.

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  • Egyptian Topic

    Published 02/05/17, by Y3 pupil

    Year 3 learnt all about the Egyptians during Spring Term. We wrote Hieroglyphics, looked at artefacts, made Egyptian boardgames, learnt how to mummify a body and visited an imaginary Egyptain tomb. We used all our new knowledge to write a blog post from the point of view of an archeologist who had discovered a unknown tomb. Here is his story...

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  • Stunning Stonehenge

    Published 21/10/16, by Y3 pupil

    Year 3 had an amazing day at Stonehenge

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