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Stunning Stonehenge!

In early October, Year 3 enjoyed a busy day out at Stonehenge.  Everyone was full of anticipation on the coach journey, discussing what they might discover on the trip – and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

The day was packed full of engaging activities to build on our Stone Age learning and we were very lucky to have sunny weather all day long.  We soaked up the mystical atmosphere while we visited The Stones and we marvelled at the impressive structures. 

The fantastic staff at Stonehenge led interactive workshops to help us understand not only how Stonehenge was built, but also how the landscape looked back in the Neolithic period and what kinds of tools and weapons were crafted at that time.  Some of us tried on the types of clothes that Stone Age people wore – they were very warm but rather heavy!

The educational leaders gave us a tour of a Neolithic hut, where we ground grains of wheat against a stone block to make flour.  They also showed us how Stone Age people twisted reeds to make strong rope and then we applied this technique to make our own bracelets.  We worked as a team to weave fences using willow branches, which is exactly how Stone Age communities fenced in their animals.

We arrived back to school with exciting tales to tell and a great deal of detailed information about what life was really like in the Stone Age.