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E-Safety Day

On Wednesday 6th February, Year 3 had a fabulously creative day making board games to teach players all about keeping safe online. 

We considered what we already know about e-safety and then discussed how the choices we make online leave behind a ‘digital footprint’ which reveals information about us.  

In our classes, we came up with some important rules for keeping ourselves safe online, including not giving out personal information, being respectful and kind (as you would face-to-face), asking an adult if you feel uncomfortable and always getting permission before posting photos online. 

After we had discovered how we can stay safe online, we planned how we would design our own board game and what we should include to test the players on their knowledge of e-safety.  There were some very original ideas!

During the afternoon, we carried through our plans by creating our very own board games in groups.  We put all our collaborative skills to the test and worked with real enthusiasm and tenacity.  What a range of exciting games there were, complete with question cards, counters and instruction booklets!  We couldn’t wait to try out the games and you can see some photos of us below, having a go.  

Here are some quotes from the children at the end of the day:

Luca:  “We learnt all about safety on the internet!”

Emily:  “I really enjoyed that it was a test of using our collaboration skills.”

Samuel:  “I learnt that if there's a pop-up I must tell an adult.”

Charlie:  “Me and Dexter worked really hard to make a great board game!”

Kian:  “Some parts were done independently and some parts we worked on collaboratively.”

Coralie:  “I found out that you should always be careful with your personal information online!”


Most importantly, we had a fantastic day and succeeded in getting across important messages about e-safety and how to stay safe online.