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Year 3 Trip to The Living Rainforest

Welcome to the Jungle!

As our year 3 rainforest topic got underway, we visited the Living Rainforest to find out more about the plants and animals that live in the rainforest, and how many of them have adapted to live in such a hot and humid environment. 


Year 3’s Trip to The Living Rainforest

What a wonderful day!

Armed with our growing knowledge about plants and animals of the rainforest, we were eager to find out so much more about life in the tropics during our visit to one of the hottest and stickiest places in England. We explored the greenhouses, where we found out about the typical plants that grow in the rainforests around the world, and were amazed by the size and variety of the vegetation.

Our favourite moment of the day was spotting ‘Cinnamon’ the sloth as she hid quietly behind the enclosure for Edwin the toucan and a hungry agouti.

We had a guided tour all about the adaptations that plants and animals have made to allow them to live in the hot, dark, wet and humid environment of the rainforest. We found out about ‘drip tips’ and how they help plants to survive, and we really enjoyed spotting the bright blue poison dart frogs (although we also found that these were not poisonous due to the fact that they do not eat poisonous plants in their enclosures). We also had the chance to get up close to some huge fish from the Amazon rainforest that thankfully are the less aggressive cousins of piranhas. We can’t wait to find out more about the layers of the rainforest and the people that live there in our geography topic this summer. What a great start to our learning!