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Mayhill Junior School


Junior School


Night at the School

An amazing evening was spent by the children in Year 3 sleeping over in the school hall. There was rounders, a treasure hunt at the church, hot dogs, bedtime stories and a lot of late night chatting! The sleepover was enjoyed by all and it would seem just one night staying in Mayhill's spooky buildings has inspired a ghostly crop of stories. Here is an example of one of the creepy tales, written by Dylan Stubbs.


“Bang booh, what’s that huhuhuhu, where is every one?”

Whilst seeing a shadow roming across his view point, he crept out of the hallway door. Creek! He whispered to himself, “This is so creepy.” Filch, click. There was a unknown light coming from the tech room. He hid on the side. He suddenly saw a ghostly face in there. He was aghast afterwards. In another class there was black paint smeared to say “Go back or get haunted.” He was so horrified, he nearly died and looked away. Click! I saw a button press down slightly. Bang! He walked spookily into the school grave yard. In the corner of his eye I saw a ghostly figure. There was a station “I wonder what’s in there,” he thought to himself. He walked towards the place and went inside the power station. He was inside the most weirdest place. He could see the first room had power cells, powder and a black hole. I unplugged it quickly and it sucked all of ghosts in and I found sleep again.