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This term we have been learning about Ancient Egyptians.Here are some of the things we have been learning about.On the 6th of February a visitor came in and gave us an Egyptian workshop telling us all about Mummification.

We are learning about mummication. From what we have learnt it is a very long process! It took the Ancient Egyptians 70 days from start to finish. We looked at photographs of a real life mummy, we looked at xrays of the mummy, we played Egyptian games and top trumps and we looked at some real life artefacts.

The Egyptians  had a very gruesome job of removing the corpses internal organs including intestings,stoamach,liver and lungs but sometimes the heart. The horriblest part today was when we had to take the brain out through the nose. We had push a hook up the nose to stir up the brain and then pull it out.

By Morgan and Ellie 3DF