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Making a Difference!

Raising lots for Children in Need 2018.

We are very happy to let you know that the wonderful children of Mayhill brought in LOTS of money for Children in Need this year! We had a competition on our hands... and there is great news all round. Children brought in coins to fill up buckets for Lower and School and Upper School....whoever raised the most, won!

Upon weighing the buckets, myself and Mrs Priestley found that Upper School won with a huge weight of 14kg. Lower School were narrowly behind at a super 12kg! But it was soon time for us to take the money to the bank...

Natwest kindly let us use their coin machines and the coins were counted quickly. We were delighted to see that Lower School won on amounts with a whopping total of £179.33 in their bucket! Upper School raised a huge £162.80 also. Well done everybody!

Altogether as a school we raised £342.13!! It is now on its way to Children in Need...


From Miss Fell and Mrs Priestley :-)