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Mayhill Junior School


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E-Safety Day at Mayhill.

On February 5th we learnt all about how to keep safe online - do you know how to keep safe online?

We took part in different activities such as learning about online terminology, discussing what we would do in certain situations online and what the rules are for being safe when on the computer.

After a discussion on the importance of keeping safe online, we came up with these rules:

1) Never give away any passwords.

2) Never tell anybody your number / address / any other personal details.

3) Never go to meet anybody you have spoken to online.

4) Never send anyone a photo of you online.

5) Be aware of everything you are saying online as you never know who may read it.

In the afternoon we worked together collaboratively to create an E-Safety themed board game. We even got to play our board games after!

Stay safe online everybody!