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Dr Diane Delivers!

Special Visitor for Year 4!

On Tuesday the 12th  of March Dr Dianne Davies came to see year 4 - we learnt a lot about the Maya which is our topic. We loved seeing Dr Dianne Davies! She is the only archaeologist in the UK to specialise in the Maya. 

We got to hold a lot of artefacts and feel them it was really fun! We loved that the Mayas put a little doll under their pillow and all of their worries went away in the morning. We also learnt that the Maya loved jade and jaguar skin meant someone was royal!

Dr Diane showed us her photos of her trips to the rainforest where the May live. What a fun day we had!

Our favourite fact is that the Maya discovered chocolate!

Thank you Dr Diane! By Katie and Imogen, 4F.