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Snack bar taste test.

Rate my snack!

This week, Year 4 have been rating snack bars on the appearance, taste, texture and smell. We have also looked at the sugar content within the bars and talked about how healthy they really are. 

We were surprised by the amount of sugar per 100g for some of these snack bars as they are advertised as a 'quick, healthy' option. 

Here are the healthiest to the unhealthiest snack bars that we tried: 

1. Alpen light (summer fruit) 

2. Belvita (soft bake with chocolate chips)

3. Nature Valley (oats and honey) 

4. Kelloggs special K (Juicy red berry) 

5. Kellogg Nutri-grain (strawberry) 


Next week, we will be designing our own snack bars. Let's see if we can make a healthier snack bar than the ones we tried.