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The journey of our lunch.

Making poo.  

The start of the digestive system starts now! 

It starts in the mouth! The food is getting broken down by the teeth and saliva. There are different types of teeth that help break down the food, for example incisors and molars. 

The next step of the system is the stomach! A mechanical motion is used to mix enzymes that break down protein.  There is also acid in the stomach lining getting added. 

Now it is time for the small intestine! Your small intestine break down fat, has more enzymes and bile being added. 

Now it is time for the large intestine! It reabsorbs water and is quite thick. 

It's time for the rectum! It helps undigested food get to the anus.  Last and finally, the anus. This is where the faeces (food) exits into the toilet.