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What a performance!

Cinderella really did go to the ball. 

And what a ball it was!

After weeks pf practice, Year 3 and 4 performed Cinderella and Rockerfella. On the 7th of December 2022 they performed to the Mayhill pupils, staff and Buryfield Year2s. Year 4 were the actors and actresses whilst Year 3 became the choir. Cinderella and Rockerfella is a modern version of Cinderella, the only difference being Prince Charming is a rock star. 

All the cast would agree it's very hard putting on a production, so we couldn't have done it without dedicated members of staff helping make the show the best it can be! They have helped us learn our lines and cues as well as always having a positive attitude towards it when we made a mistake. Being on stage can be nerve-wracking, but there was always someone backstage to encourage us. 

Written by Alice and Florence (4BL) 


"None of us are writers of our destiny.

But the story has its own happiness to be pursued,

Every dream that somebody dares to follow can come true!"


Reviews left by the audience: "Wow! What a performance."       

 "It was so good I watched it twice! Superstars!"     

  "I cannot believe this was a lower school productions, it was more like senior school quality! It was amazing. Well done all!"