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Volcano Workshop

Explosive drama in Year 4!

Last week we took part in a volcano workshop as we have been learning about volcanoes in geography lessons. At the workshop we learnt about the structure of a volcano including: outer core, mantle, tectonic plates and magma chamber. If we won our game, we were allowed to show our volcano erupting. The eruption could only last 3 seconds and then we would explode onto the floor!

We enjoyed the drama of creating the earth with tectonic plates and a volcano for the magma to escape from. The magma had little flames to carry from the Earth's core, through the volcano and out to the surface.

We played a game to help us to remember magma reserve, conduit, throat, crater, vent and ash cloud. We had to create the actions and then try to catch people out. 

By Rees, Hugo and James