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Mayhill Junior School


Junior School


The Sound collector

4L has read the sound collector poem by Michael Rosen and has been inspired to write the their own poem!

The Stranger.


                                A stranger came this morning                    

     Dressed all in black and grey

    Put every sound into a bag

   And carried them away.


The booming of the speakers

The sound of carrots crunching

The chattering of the children

As they are loudly munching.  


The ringing of the telephone

The creaking of the floor

The scraping of the mouse

And the knocking of the door.


The cracking of the eggs

The scraping of the butter

The dancing of the ladies

While they clean up all the clutter.


The chomping of the biscuits

The munching of the cake

The slurping of the tea

That the teachers always make.


A stranger called this morning

He didnt leave his name

Left us only silence

Life will never be the same.


                                                  By 4L