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Year4  Maya  workshop

We had a great morning with Dr Diane Davies

On the 21st of March all year4 had a maya workshop with Dr Diane Davies ,she is the only archaeologist in the UK ,she taught us a lot about the maya life and we had an incredible morning with her, if you are interested in the maya then be sure to check out her website

First we had an amazing  power point that was a little bit like an introduction to the maya, she goes to the rainforest once every year but she has to watch out all the dangerous animals one of them is a jaguas luckly she didn't get hurt! 

After break we went back to our classroom and we had the tablets out so we went on our maya specialists website Dr Diane Davies we had a look at the pupils bit and there is lots of stuff about the maya  on it there was also a quiz with 10 questions,a lot of us enjoyed it at the same time 4G were looking at the artefacts  that Diane had brought in then we swapped over so we could look at the artefacts.

We looked at a lot of artefacts they were very cool some were made out of jade, stone or clay, one of the artefacts was a sea shell that was used as a horn for when the king was coming their way and they could bow down, another one was the cacao grinder we  loved that one, it sadly came to an end and we had to say goodbye and thank you to the amazing and lovely Dr Diane Davies!