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Internet Safety Day

We had a fantastic day learning about internet safety with Mr Hay!

Written by the year 4 digital leaders.

On internet saftey day we were buzzing with excitment as we were learning  our important four top tips. Top tip number 1: don't trust people that you don't know. Top tip number 2: treat other people on the internet  how you want to be treated on the playground. Top tip number 3: never give strangers your personal information. Top tip number 4: if you ever get that "uh oh" feeling, tell an adult you trust.

The day began as year 4 and year 3 gathered for an assembly about internet safety day conducted by Mr Hay. He showed us a really interesting video about 2 people travelling into an online game which opened their eyes to who they were really talking to. They almost told someone where they lived and the school they went to. The person they were talking to turned out to be an adult that couldn't be trusted.

When the assembly finished, we did some activities in our classroom all about internet saftey. For one of the activities, the year 4 teachers gave us a selection of scenarios where we walked to an area of our classroom which has different answers, Such as: you shouldn't do it; you can do it; and, only if you don't get caught. It was really interesting to hear peoples opinions on how they felt about these questions.

Mr Hay payed a visit to the classroom where he answered all of our questions!

We had a wonderful day learning all about Internet safety! A big thank you to Mr Hay.