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The Best World Book Day!

We had a great day dressing up for World Book Day!

Written by the Year 4 digital leaders.

Sadly, world book day was postponed to the 9th of March because of heavy snow! Despite all that, there was still some amazing costumes (not to mention Enderman and a massive inflatable dinosaur!)We started the day in the hall where we went onto the stage to show off our costumes. It felt like we were in a fashion show! Mr Barry taught us the benefits of reading. These include:

  • It helps us with going to sleep.
  • Reading improves your memory.
  • It improves you vocabulary.
  • It teaches you things.
  • It decreases stress!

In the afternoon, we did World Book Day activities. First, our teachers read us an extract from a story for us to make a front cover and a title. We had to think carefully about how the story made the reader feel so that the front cover matched the story read to us. In the last part of the afternoon, our classes were split into two and we were sent to different places around the school. The teachers were reading us their favourite books. They shared with us why they were their favourites and then we shared our favourite books as a group.

When we got sent back to our classes, it was time to get ready for home. The teachers gave us all a book voucher to spend on any book we would like! It was the best World Book Day ever and we can’t wait for next year.