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Year 4 Maya Workshop 2018

Dr Diane Davies came to Mayhill to teach us all about the Maya Civilisation.

Written by the Year 4 digital leaders.

On the 3rd of March 2018 year 4 had a very fun morning exploring how the Maya lived. We were lucky to have Dr Diane Davis visit us, she’s the only Maya archaeologist in the UK!

The first thing we learnt is what Dr Diane does. She collects Maya rubbish to find out how the Maya civilisation lived. They even had to get two donkeys to carry all the rubbish Dr Diane found. She leads excavations which is digging in the ground – she found a skeleton without a head!

Did you know? That the Maya had 37 languages! Also there are still 8 million Maya people alive today. They live in Central America.

After break, we went into 4G’s classroom and Doctor Diane Davies, the only Maya archaeologist in the UK, was teaching us more about the Maya. We touched some Maya artefacts but they were not real because if we took them from the Maya world we would be stealing but they were, however, made by the Maya people. We were allowed to hold jade and blunt jade knifes. Jade is unbreakable so we were allowed to hold it. We moved to different tables with different artefacts. We even got to try some of their chocolate that was made out of cacao pods and had no sugar!

We got told about the picture that means Star Wars and on Rouge One, the rebel base was set in the rainforest as the Maya temples and pyramids were there main base.

All of year 4 really enjoyed this Maya workshop so thank you to Dr Diane Davies!