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Mayhill Junior School


Junior School


Year 5

Our teachers are Miss Argent and Miss Scholes!

Long term Curriculum Overview for Year 5 - click here.

Year 5 residential

Year 5 and Year 6 and invited away for four nights together. The cost of this trip is subsidised for families eligible for free school meals. 

Y5 Homework

At Mayhill we see the purpose of home learning as the following:

  • Consolidating and reinforcing skills and understanding, particularly in English and Maths.
  • Exploiting resources for learning of all kinds at home and developing the learning environment from the school to home.
  • Encouraging pupils, as they get older to develop the confidence and self-discipline needed to study on their own, and preparing them for the requirements of secondary school.

For more detailed information, see the Home Learning Policy on our 'Policies' page.

Y5 Blog

Check out our blog to see what we have been getting up to in Year 5!

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  • World Book Day Wonders!

    Published 14/03/23, by Victoria Argent

    We had a wonderful time celebrating World Book Day as a school! We had the opportunity to share our favourite books, listened to storied and drew our own reading rivers- some of which you can see in the windows of 5S. We also dressed up as a range of different book chatacters. have a look!

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  • Welcome Coach Neil!

    Published 13/03/23, by Y5 pupil

    Every Friday this Spring term we are lucky enough in year 5 to have Coach Neil come to teach us how to play the wonderful game of Cricket! 

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  • Scientific Enquiry - separating mixtures

    Published 13/03/23, by Y5 pupil

    As part of their states of matter topic Year 5 have been learning how to separate mixtures and solutions. 

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  • Handball tournament!

    Published 06/02/23, by Y5 pupil

    Year 5 have enjoyed learning handball for their outdoor PE unit this term. 

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  • Ure Museum

    Published 24/01/23, by Victoria Argent

    We were lucky enough to go on a visit to the Ure Museum inside the University of Reading as they have the largest collection of Greek pottery in England. For half of the day we were in the museum learning about: how pots were made; what different styles of pots were used for; the evolution of the designs and we even got to handle some pottery for ourselves.  See the January newsletter for more information and photos of our time in the museum. 

    For the other half of the dyad we put what we had learnt to the test and created our own designs for Greek pots by using scratch art. Take a look at our amazing artwork!

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  • Let's face it...

    Published 24/01/23, by Victoria Argent

    As part of our 'Who has Power?' unit, Year 5 are looking at the Greeks and their way of life. We have been researching Greek theatre masks and the way in which they needed them to portray emotions to large crowds. 

    We are working to create our own theatre masks in groups, focusing on characteristics which show specific emotions. We have been learning how to roll slabs and form them to specific shapes (in our case, faces).

    Take a look at how we got on!

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  • Attention Zeus!

    Published 13/01/23, by Y5 pupil

    A letter to Zeus

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  • Out of this world art!

    Published 15/12/22, by Victoria Argent

    Throughout this term we have been building up our skills in different mediums to create a multimedia piece of art based on the solar system. the children used watercolour techniques for the backgrounds, charcoal for a moon and oil pastels to create planets of our choice, can you work out which planet is which?

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  • Fantastic French

    Published 07/12/22, by Victoria Argent

    In  French this term we have been learning how to give directions in French and the names of different places within a town, especially the most important ones like cafes and bakeries. We used all of this information to create our own maps around town. We used these maps to ask each other where certain buildings were and gave directions to these buildings with a partner. 


    To hear these directions, check out the latest Seesaw post!

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  • First Aid Champions

    Published 21/11/22, by Y5 pupil

    Learning first aid is an important life skill and one our Year 5's take very seriously. 

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  • A letter to thee true love...

    Published 21/11/22, by Y5 pupil

    Love letters to the Highwayman or Bess from Alfred Noyes Poem "The Highwayman" 

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  • Smooth landings

    Published 24/10/22, by Y5 pupil

    Design and technology: planning, designing and building lunar modules 

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