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Autumn 2 Homework Projects

Thank you to all the parents who have supported us with our homework projects over the past term :) 

Katie, Harry and Nina all brought in cakes on the same day! Our task was to design and create a pizza or a cake that showed a link with fractions. We were so excited to have 3 cakes in one day, and then Efa surprised us the next day with a forth cake to taste as well! 

Mrs Donovan set us a challenge to answer these questions correctly before we were allowed to sample the cakes, it was hard but we managed it! 

If we had had 1/25 of a cake before (when one person brought in a cake at a time) If we cut each of the four cakes into 25 pieces how many pieces would we each get? Represent this as a fraction. 

Can you simplify the above fraction? 

What is larger? 4/100 or 1/25?

What is larger? 7/100 or 2/25? 

Can we ever be certain of fractions with cakes? Why? 

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