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Attention Zeus!

A letter to Zeus

Year 5 started off our Ancient Greek topic "Who has power?" with a bang this term. We've played Mythological beings and creatures top trumps, met all the Olympian Greek Gods and learnt their family tree, and now we've created our very own Greek Gods, ready to rival the best of them! 

Here is an extract of work from Sopia (5S) persuading Zeus that her new Greek deity is the one to pick! 

Dear Zeus, King of Gods, 

I am writing to you because I have created a wonderful, fantastic God, which I think earns a place on Olympus. 

God Wild has invisibility for his magical power and is incredible with pranks (so if you're really angry with someone he can help you get revenge with a prank).  He also has a magical, mystical pet, which is a chameleon, who helps him turn invisible. His Greek name is Agrios. He has a cheeky smile, a bright red coat and wears rough leather sandals. A rope around his waist has all of his pranks on it.

I'm convinced! Are you?