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Mayhill Junior School


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Wonderful Wind

Science and DT combine to create some power!

Within our science we have been learning on how pulleys work and we had a go at making our own using the railings outside the hall. If you look below you will see some of our write ups for the experiment and how we did it! Then, we had to put this learning to the test.

The challenge: To create a wind turbine (powered by hairdryer) which is able to pull a cup of pennies up off the floor. 

The result: We had a lot of fun in this project as we had free reign over how we chose to approach this challenge. We attempted to use pulleys to reduce the weight and we chose the materials we wanted to use carefully. From recycling materials to Lego to magnets- we used it all! Resilience was needed for this project as some worked better than others and we needed our critical thinking hats on to try to solve our problems collaboratively. 

Finally, we had to use our communication skills to present our turbine to the group, explaining our concept, any changes we made and demonstrating the final result. We also discussed for each group and improvements that could be made to our final design if we were to do it again.