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Mayhill Junior School


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This is the chillout room, people can come here at lunch to play and relax. Some people like to have the chance to tell their news, or even their worries so they can get solved - Mrs Hicks and Mrs Bland are great at listening!

So I just wanted to tell you a bit more about this place. Firstly it is run by Mrs Hicks our school ELSA, and Mrs Bland.  They are always there to offer encouargement, save us from the rain outside and to help us solve problems with a game, friendships or to just listen when we have something to tell.  They love hearing our stories of how well we are working in class, if we have made new friends and about what we got up to at the weekend.  Chill out is a great place to come and make new friends.  Like the rest of  our great school it is a no being mean or hurting zone.  A place where you can just sit back to relax if you dont want to go outside.

Come on - why not come and try it out at a lunchtime - everyone is welcome!