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Mayhill Junior School


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moon buggie project

We are still doing space but instead of rockets we are making moon buggies.

We started by sawing pieces of wood into persice lenghts then glued them into rectangles and left them to dry . Next  we added 4 pegs 2 on each side then we  put axles inside the pegs so we could  put wheels on them  to be able to do that we had to sandpaper the ends of the axles to make it smoother. Next we added a piece of paper on the back of the nearly finished moon buggy. We also attached features of a moon buggy to make it real life. Second to last we put motors and batteries for it to move but we had to have wires to make our moon buggy move . Finnaly we raced our moon buggies ,of course our group didnt win  By Emily . F   and Robyn .H