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Our teachers are Mrs McLaughlin and Mrs Robson.

Long term Curriculum Overview for Year 6 - click here.

Y6 Homework 

Children will continue to be expected to read, learn spellings and practise their fluency in maths. Weekly, they are also given English and Maths homework in the form of CGP work books. These will work on their comprehension, reading and maths problem solving in oder to help them with the transition to secondary school where homework expectations increase significantly. 

Y6 Blog

Check out our blog to see what we have been getting up to in Year 6!

Y6 SATS Presentation

Please click here to view the presentation from the SATS Meetings on Thursday 16th March 23.  

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  • Decimals, Fractions and Percentages

    Published 17/03/23, by Y6 pupil

    Year 6 have been learning about converting between fraction, decimals and percentages. We've been enjoying some treasure hunts around the classrooms in order to find these helpful bean bags to make our learning hands on and to help make it stick! 

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  • RMS languages team come to Mayhill.

    Published 03/03/23, by Y6 pupil

    German, Spanish and French transition work. 

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  • Gilbert White's Field Study Centre-River trip

    Published 02/03/23, by Y6 pupil

    On Wednesday 1st March, Year 6 visited Gilbert White's House in Selborne in order to study the river and bring our geography topic to life!

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  • Dr Richardson visits Mayhill!

    Published 23/02/23, by Y6 pupil

    English, History and Geography in action!

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  • Doing our best - Half of Year 6 down; half to go!

    Published 19/02/23, by Y6 pupil

    Year 6 are kicking off Spring 2 looking at determination and achieving goals. 


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  • From Mayhill to the Maasai Mara!

    Published 08/02/23, by Y6 pupil

    Year 6 have been making links with a school in Kenya!

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  • Sports hall athletics fun in y6

    Published 20/01/23, by Y6 pupil

    Year 6 have been engaging in fun and exciting PE lessons this half-term, using the sports hall athletics equipment bought by the school to allow the children to work on their throwing, catching and sprinting skills indoors during the winter months when the field is out of action. 
    During these sessions the children have also been in charge of scoring and adjudicating for others and even awarding faults. The seven activities include

    1. standing Long jump

    2. standing high jump

    3. Beanbag throw 

    4. High stepper 

    5. Speed bounce 

    6. 10x 10m sprints 

    7. Balance test 

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  • Matthew Henson Biography writing

    Published 13/01/23, by Y6 pupil

    Year 6 are currently working on writing biographies of the famed explorer Matthew Henson who wasn't recognised for his achievements due to his skin colour. The children were outraged by the clear racism experienced by this amazing man and they are determined his story is retold to others to ensure this kind of discrimination does not happen again.  

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  • Drumming fun in year 6

    Published 10/01/23, by Y6 pupil

    Steel pan mania has erupted!

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  • A new Year ... A new Topic ... A new Term. Welcome back year 6

    Published 08/01/23, by Y6 pupil

    We kicked off the term with a bang!

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  • Fantastic French Timetables

    Published 14/12/22, by Y6 pupil

    In French this term we have been learning all about the French timetable. We have learnt how to say the curriculum subjects in French and we were fascinated to learn that French days of the week don't need capitalising! 

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  • Year 6 focus on fractions

    Published 14/12/22, by Y6 pupil

    In the past few weeks, year 6 have been learning about fractions.

    We've learnt how to draw fractions and learnt some 'trendy' (or perhaps not!) new rhymes and actions to accompany our learning. 

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