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Year 6 - Fire Safety & Rescue Workshop

On Monday 25th June 2018, Year 6 were treated to a interesting talk and demonstrations from Hampshire Fire Safety and Rescue Crew.

Our day was broken down into parts - firstly a talk and powerpoint presentation to the whole year group to show the potential dangers and hazards of how a fire could start in the home. An introduction to the different types of smoke alarms and how regularly they should be tested, left the children keen to report back to their parents about how often this job should be done.

A few children at a time, went into a mobile fire engine, set out as a house with potential dangers. Using their observation skills, the children looked around and identified, potential hazards and how they could be presented.

Finally a short video, brought home the horrors of what could happen if someone does not wear a seatbelt in the car. A firm reminder to everyone to buckle up!