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The Blog will be updated daily. Photos will be added on return to school

We have all arrived safely having enjoyed a smooth 'fairy' crossing to the Isle Of Wight. The children enjoyed the opportunity to chill out in the lounge, on board ship, with stunning views over the water.  Chalets have now been assigned to the children and they have begun to settle in and make it home for the next 4 nights. After an introduction from Roxy and Will, our PGL duty leaders for the week, the children had the opportunity to stretch their legs and to have a good run around.

Dinner tonight was a great hit with good choices of food from Tuscan Bean Soup to start (which proved exceptionally popular), sausage casserole, fish fingers and chips, chick pea stew with rice all accompanied with bread and butter and a huge variety of salads. We were really pleased to see how well the cucumber, beetroot salad and grated carrot went down. The ring doughnuts for pudding were a great hit with children and staff alike.

To run off dinner and to ensure a great nights sleep the children are currently out and about round the centre playing  'Ambush', a superb game of hide and seek. 

Fingers crossed for a peaceful night for them all...and the teachers too!


A good nights sleep was had by most with most also still being asleep at 6am. Currently in breakie feasting on hash browns, bacon, sausages, cereal, toast and, we certainly are not coming home hungry. The sun has blessed us all this morning and is shining. Lots of little red squirrels have been spotted scampering around the grounds. 

Many a fun activity has been had today: quad biking, climbing, beach walk with rock pooling, survivor (shelter building, fire starting and whittling) and all culminating in a great camp fire. 

The weather has been truly delightful and even a little too warm at times! Dinner was a definite hit with pasta, meatballs, chicken pie, spicy parsnip soup and banana angle delight. The adults are pleased to announce that between 10,000 and 18,000 steps have been completed today - just as well with the amazing food on offer to us all. The children have really enjoyed the many letters from home they are receiving - thank you!


Wow, what a great night's sleep! The children all settled exceptionally well and light's were out by 9.15pm with all rooms quiet by 9.40pm. Many rooms were still in the land of nod at 7am - well done year 5 and 6.

The day dawned bright and warm and the sun has continued to shine all day. Breakfast was gobbled up and activities started promptly at 8.50am. Archery proved to be a hit and not just with the children - technique was definitely improved from the first to the last arrow fired. 

Some groups completed the challenge course today with the development of super collaborative skills and communication. The school values certainly begun to shine through. Seeing how well the children supported each other when, for example, they couldn't get over a wall was a pleasure to watch. It was also really funny to see how well one team soaked their instructor with water as he tried to cross the wooden swing bridge.

Yet more children took part in climbing today with many exclaiming how pleased they were with themselves, at being able to climb so high and in exceeding the personal goals they had set themselves - great perseverance and resilience was noted not just by the teachers but also by the PGL instructors.  

Currently the children are competing in teams to find different locations in the dark, using only a partial picture clue to help them. It is a pleasure to watch them support and encourage each other in their quest. 

We can't believe how quickly the week is going - again thank you for all the letters from home they have put super smiles onto faces.


Many a sleepy head had to be woken up at 7am after another really good night's sleep. Today started quite breezy yet sunny allowing the morning activities to be completed in the dry. Wow, tunnelling was completely exhausting. Mr Lucas and Miss Collis thoroughly enjoyed themselves wiggling through the smallest of the tunnels whilst being ably assisted by the children as they tried to venture through the uphill ones!

Abseiling was another highlight of the week with the children again excelling in their support and encouragement of each other. They were also great at helping to undo the carabineers once they had landed back at the bottom. 

Problem solving, team games, and buggy building took place for some groups this afternoon and ended in a torrential rain cloud - a complete contrast to the weather this morning. However, this produced a stunning rainbow which stretched out over the estuary water. 

Tonight was disco night with many of the children proving to be great movers on the dance floor - not to mention Miss Smy, Mrs Ball and Mrs Meldon who are disco divas. The 'Greatest Showman' was a real hit with everyone, including the odd fancy dress dragon, Super Mario and Marvel Heroes who put in an appearance from the PGL staff.  Happy, giggly children then headed back to their dorms to settle (!) for the night. It will be an early start tomorrow morning (6:30am) to ensure that bags are packed before breakfast and  the mornings activities. We are hoping the rain clouds hold off for the morning beach walk and the outdoor buggy building for some groups.

Only one sleep to go...


The day dawned very blustery but so far the rain has held off. The children were woken early to pack their bags before breakfast. A task which proved quite tricky when they  were still half asleep or couldn't work out where they had last put things! Everything was finally sorted by 8am and we headed to the dining room and feasted on our last breakfast at PGL.

This morning groups have taken part in a range of different team games and sports whilst some have also had their session down at the beach. Many a crab was spotted at the beach as well as clams and barnacles. The buggy boarding was awesome and the co-operation seen when square lashing and tying off clove hitch knots was brilliant. We didn't expect the children to gain so much speed when pulling their buggy with a pilot steering and the adults had to quickly dart out of the way when taking photos to ensure we weren't knocked over. Well done years 5 and 6, you succeeded in great construction skills.

Soon we will be off for lunch - a choice of vege or meat burgers with a huge variety of salad. After lunch we will then load up the coaches before we depart for home with another 'fairy' crossing on the way home. See you all later.