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Stubbington 2019

A little rain won't put us off!

We arrived safely and were introduced to the Stubbington Staff. It was great to see Mr Lucas and he got a loud cheer from everyone.  After finding out our dormitory room mates, to great cheers and excitement, we then had the chance to unpack our things. It's great to see how tidy a few of the dormitories still are as well as how organised the children are...lets hope it continues.  

Lunch today was a great choice of filled rolls - so yummy; and with filled tummies we headed off for a seashore walk. A little wet and breezy but it didn't detract from finding 8 different varieties of seashell. Harry found so many intact cuttlefish, Thomas a stack of slipper limpets and we even saw a jelly fish washed up on the foreshore.

On our return we toured the centre before heading off for a half hours break where we got to play football, tennis, snakes and ladders, Jenga or simply time just hanging out in our dormitories and having a chat.  From 4.30 to 5pm we separated into our groups to enjoy a different team activities - from Labyrinths to Tangrams before...learning a different song to sing ready to perform at the 'S' factor talent show on Thursday evening.

Supper tonight was chicken nuggets, cheesey puff pasty, chips, breaded fish, chocolate doughnuts...the list simply went on and on. Many a delighted beam was had from all of the children who are raving about how scrumptious the food is.

Now the children are listening to the 'Wildlife in Focus' talk having also just found out about 6 species of birds and how their beaks are adapted ready for a classroom session tomorrow night.

So proud of them all - well done year 5 and 6s!

Tuesday - Happy Birthday Thomas and Jack!

A good night was had and many a bleary eye was detected at breakfast this morning. Highlight of last night was for Kestrel and Fox group who saw 8 badgers and 2 foxes. Some of us also saw an owl and a hedgehog too. A really great experience. We are delighted in how respectful and quiet the children were in the hide, in order to see the wildlife.

Breakfast this morning has been gobbled up and the children are out building shelters and experiencing Amazon adventure activities. 

We would like as staff to say, how lovely it is to see the children all pulling together, supporting each other and helping to make beds ready for room inspection. Thank you year 5 and 6! A real focus on our Mayhill Habits. 

Another fantastic afternoon where all the children built their own small mammal hotels and set these out in the grounds. We then spent time in the conservation area looking for small animal tracks and signs.  A number of the children discovered how clean badgers are in their setts and that they use 2 different entrances. They hunted so well to find badger poo - used to mark territory. Went he children come home don't forget to ask them about the differences between badger and fox poo as they are now very knowledgeable!

During the evening we spent time looking at the awesome photos from Dennis Bright which even showed a robin feeding on a mealworm whilst it was held in Dennis's mouth - wow! The stunning night-time photos of owl babies definitely got the oohs and aahs from the children. After supper group 2 had their opportunity to visit the badger hide and were treated to the sight of 5 badgers and 2 foxes. We are so glad that both groups were able to see the wildlife and again the children were totally awesome at staying so calm  and quiet.

A really settled night for everyone - staff included!


Room inspection scores today certainly were an improvement on yesterday's. Wow the boys are brilliant at folding their clothes, smoothing their sheets and keeping their washrooms clean. Breakfast this morning saw so many beaming smiles. It is delightful to see the children being so supportive and collaborative with others; including those they have not been with before.

Fantastic results were seen this morning from the small mammal 'hotels'. Group A had found a house mouse and a long tailed field mouse whilst group B had 'caught' 2 bank voles and a field vole. This was really unusual for the centre too and provided a great comparative opportunity to look at the 'adaptation' of the mammals. Off in a bit to go and experience an earthquake and to explore the grounds during orienteering.

Earthquake was a great opportunity to see all of Mayhiil's Habits used across a variety of different tasks. Trying to get equipment through a destroyed house was very tricky but the use of critical thinking really showed how well the children thought 'outside of the box'.  Congratulations must go to Billie and Harry C for superb organisation and team spirit.

Orienteering not only involved using the compass to find places using direction - but more importantly how to find a bearing; as well as taking bearings once out on the course. It certainly became competitive between the pairs and involved a lot of Maths, critical thinking and collaboration between the pairs. Alongside that resilience was really evident in how well they continued, even when at first they didn't succeed. George G and Hugo performed superbly and won the competition for group B.

The team building games are really taking off and it has been great to see how well the two schools have pulled together. This is also being really well demonstrated on the football pitches, the games room and on the adventure playground. 

Currently the children are enjoying finding out more about: beak adaptation (group b) and dissecting owl pellets (group a) to discover which species of mammal have been devoured. Truly fascinating to watch the children unveil skulls of mice, shrews and voles.


Wow - they were brilliant at settling down for bed last night and for staying in their rooms until the bell this morning. The fresh sea air and damp drizzle must really be kicking in for them all...and the staff too!

This morning the groups have been out and about around the conservation area for Earthquake (group B) The winners of the quake this morning were George H and Thea - well done to these two especially for really demonstrating great sportsmanship and team spirit. Their all round skills really shone out to all children and staff alike.

Pond dipping (group a) was a real highlight with the children with many a newt - including a 3 week old, a stone fly, water boatmen, a whirligig beetle and dragonfly nymphs.  

Lunch today was scrumptious - macaroni cheese which received a rapturous welcome. They are just heading off to the tuck shop for souvenirs and a little nibble or two.  Lots of badgers and foxes are on their way home.

Group A winners for the orienteering this afternoon were Thomas S and Thomas M who finished the course in a record time of 9 minutes and 39 seconds! They even went on and achieved 100% in their additional tasks, of taking bearings for landmarks - done with superb accuracy too. Brilliant boys - well done!

The children are now in super with aching stomachs and shoulders from laughing hysterically at the 'S Factor' evenings entertainment. Foxy (aka Mr. Scarborough) was a real hit and literally had the staff and children rolling about the floor with laughter. Such a brilliant evening enjoyed by all. The winning house of the evening were Kestrels -well done to you all.

 A quick visit to the badger hide was had by a few tonight with 8 badgers and 2 foxes seen. They are now tucked up in bed for their last sleep before coming home.

What a brilliant week so far - thank you to all the parents for allowing them to come away. 


Wow - nearly everyone was woken by the bell at 8am this morning. What a great night with no knocks on the staff doors! 

A hearty breakfast has been had and we are all now donning waterproofs for Stubbington Fox. Lots of exercise and fresh air to be had this morning. 

What a fantastically fox and farmer activity that Stubbington Fox was. So much running, hiding and hilarity has been had with teachers stamping the children each time they were spied. The fox protection league worked well in trying to defend the poor little foxes from the stamping farmers. Congratulations go to Emma M, Tattie, Isabel and Evie.

The coach is mow loaded, the children all munching away on their lunch and the stopped!

What a truly brilliant week. Thank you to all the children, Stubbington and Mayhill Staff.