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On your marks... get set... BAKE!

Great British Bake of has nothing on Mayhill's Year 6.

Year 6 have been collaborating their socks off already this term. Only the second day into their Year 6 journey were they thrown into the tricky task of creating a new Bread company that would stand out from the rest.

They were tasked with creating a brand name, moto and logo, along with designing, pricing and packaging a new bread product to take to market. They weren't only the marketers, they also had to be product designers. First checking out the competition by sampling current breads on the market whilst recording their opinions on a Hedonic star graph (fancy!) and then designing their very own new bread sensation. We had Chocolate bread, garlic rolls, fruit breads, lemon meringue bread, pesto and cheese share loaf, turtle buns and even a plaited pink and blue loaf!

The first bake practise went brilliantly, with all 10 loaves (made between both classes) being edible! A huge achievement in itself. Peer feedback, along with self-assessment, led to a few tweaks to recipes and before they knew it, the Bake Off final had arrived.

40 parents and family members joined us on the last day of the half term to be our taste testers. Each company had to present their journey through the task and received fantastic comments about the confidence and professionalism that everyone on the year group displayed. And the bread? All edible and much improved from the first trial bake - a huge success!

Congratulations to  the Cooking Cats who won the audience choice award! We are proud of everyone for the fantastic efforts how you used your Mayhill Habits throughout.