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Year 5 and 6 take a musical visit to the Caribbean

Who knew we had so many pannists at Mayhill!

Year 5 and 6 had another exciting visit from Mr Jones from Hampshire Music Service. This time we were whisked off to the Caribbean to try our hand at the steel pans. We learnt how to use both hands whilst playing, how to strike the steel pans correctly (without making them wobble!) and how to roll the notes. The children's musical understanding and skills were tested throughout the workshop: knowledge of structure; syncopated rhythms; playing in unison and in parts; keeping a steady pulse; learning several different melodies; and scales - huge amounts of learning all within just an hour!

The children caught on to the style and lived up to the high expectations of Mr Jones, quickly becoming confident pannists (steel pan musicians) within no time at all. A very impressive round of hot cross buns from Year 6 tested their listening skills, as they worked together in 3 parts to start and finish at the correct time.  Everyone showed improved timing and knowledge about the demands of learning this new instrument and being resilient. Echoes of, "Mayhill should DEFINITELY get some steels pans," spread throughout the corridor.  Next time it will be the turn of Year 3 and 4 to experience a slice of these tropical calypso instruments.

Thank you to Mr Jones - your inspiring teaching got everybody hooked before you had even said, "Let's make some music." We hope that you can return soon to let Mayhill experience some more World percussion instruments.