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We made it to day 2.

After a giggly nights (sleep), we made it through until 6.30am...waking bell rang at 8am.  Now munching on brekkie...and a Happy Birthday 11th to Amelia.

Then we headed out for shelter building. Our task, to not allow rain through, keep it upright in strong winds, shelter from the sun, big enough for the team to fit inside and provide protection from predators.  Well - we all enjoyed testing to see if they were rain proof!

Next came analysing poo and animal tracks to prevent the Stubbington conservation area being turned into an extra beach car park. We needed to collect evidence, use precise measurements, identify species and record.  

Following this we had to set our animal traps...I mean hotels!

So much food our tummies are all growing bigger.  After dinner tonight some of us learnt about how birds beaks have adapted, while the rest of us made clay hedgehogs.  Wow Caoimhe and Liberty's hedgehogs are awesome.  Thanks Miss Brooks for helping us get them into proportion.  More badgers spotted tonight.  

Night night...lets hope we all get a really QUIET nights sleep!