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Mayhill Junior School


Junior School


It's Thursday!

Pond dipping, more earthquakes and getting lost.  Happy Birthday Miss Brooks!

After a good night's sleep, for most of us! We went off pond dipping...found an 'eft' (a baby newt), water boatmen, small leech, pond snails and so much more.  Oh forgot to mention the little sticklebacks.

We are all having so much fun. Group two almost made it around the earthquake zone without getting that wet...splosh! Now having lunch...filled rolls, pasta salad, sausage rolls, spaghetti hoops...yummy. 

This afternoon is orienteering for group 2 and pond study for group 1...I wonder what they might find...  Well done to Caoimhe and Naomi, and Poppy and Grace for winning the Orienteering.

Went through the final rehearsals for the 'S Factor'...Mr Love seems to be really confident his house will win!  .....Much to Mr Love's disgust and Mr Lucas' absolute delight the Owls won the 'S Factor'.

Sore sides from laughing too much...aching faces and jubilation...what an evening...and that's just the adults!!!

Just back from taking a small group to spend time in the hide...we saw 5 foxes and a badger. All tucked up in bed...our last sleep.