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Year 6 focus on fractions

In the past few weeks, year 6 have been learning about fractions.

We've learnt how to draw fractions and learnt some 'trendy' (or perhaps not!) new rhymes and actions to accompany our learning. 

We have learnt so many new skills throughout this unit. 

-adding and subtracting same denominator fractions with mixed numbers

-adding and subtracting different denominator fractions with mixed numbers

-multiplying fractions by whole numbers 

-multiplying fractions by fractions 

Your child has produced a revision poster for these skills and these will be heading home with them as revision of the four calculation methods in January (once they are finalised). Please look out for this as a helping hand whilst answering fractions questions in their homework as we are aware we are probably teaching this is a different way to the way in which you will have learnt this at school yourselves. 

We also have a useful website for parents if you'd like to know more about this unit.

Hopefully your child will be able to recite the rhyme we've taught them about multiplying factions- 'Times the top, times the bottom, SIMPLIFY (if you can!)' see if they can show you the moves at home?

After the Christmas holidays we will be moving on to look at dividing fractions by whole numbers and fractions and will then get the revision posters to you ASAP. 

We do wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!