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Drumming fun in year 6

Steel pan mania has erupted!

Mr Jones from Hampshire Music Service will be visiting us weekly to teach us how to play the steel pans. How exciting!
The first session saw us learn how to set up the pans (and put them away at the end) and play a scale using 

G A B C D E F# g 

We worked in partners to remember the scale, playing crotchets (one beat notes) in time to a steady pulse. Then, we were given a challenge: to work out how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - easier said than done but.... we did it!

What an amazing first lesson!

"It was really fun, I can't wait for next week!"
Did you know that the mini mallets that are used to play steel pans, are called 'tippa' sticks.

Next week, we will start learning a piece of traditional calypso music!