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From Mayhill to the Maasai Mara!

Year 6 have been making links with a school in Kenya!

One of our year 6 parents has been on a very special trip to Kenya to volunteer at a school for 10 days with the  Memusi Foundation, who fund the school with the aim to provide a good education to children as a way out of poverty. We took this opportunity to make some new friends and share information about our school and our learning - an experience that could not be missed! 

So, a group of the year 6s got writing to the children at Memusi School in rural Kenya, near Magadi,  introducing themselves and what they liked, some included a doodle too! Take a look at the children at Memusi School writing their replies - they were amazed at the envelopes so have kept their notes from Mayhill tucked safely inside. We have been very excited and lucky to receive regular updates and photos from the trip: Year 6s have been amazed at the differences and similarities between Mayhill and Memusi School: what they have for lunch; how they have assemblies; their classrooms;and that they have a similar uniform to Mayhill's summer dresses! 

We were also sent an amazing video of a class singing 'Love Shone Down' (a Mayhill classic!) so the Musical Theatre Club took the opportunity to audio record them singing it back.
"I can't believe our voices are being heard in Kenya!"

Thank you so much to Mrs McBride (and Harriet in 6M) for including year 6 in this journey across the world. What a very special experience for us all. We are super excited to receive our replies when we return to school next half term. 

Take a look at the photos - can you spot the toilet block? How about the large pot of beans and lentils that will feed 250 children? Look out for the infants that are on their way home after a morning at school. Did you spot the Angus sticker?