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Dr Richardson visits Mayhill!

English, History and Geography in action!

Today, year 6 had a visitor from the University of Winchester during our English lesson. Dr Richardson, who is a lecturer of Education at the University, visited year 6 to teach them about life across Europe before WW2. The lesson taught us more about our topic of WW2 in English using the text ONCE.

The session enhanced the children's understanding of the Holocaust and in particular the removal of Jewish people's rights in the years leading up to WW2. Age appropriately, Dr Richardson focused on the laws and rights that Jewish people had removed and did not spend time teaching the children about concentration camps. 

As you can see in the below photos, the children looked at many historical photographs from the 1930s and unpicked the fact that Jewish people lived lives that appear to be very similar to ours nowadays. One of the children quoted

'They were just like us, we just live in a different country.'

The session finished with the children creating a timeline of the different laws that were taken away. One child quoted:

"Their human rights were slowly taken away, they weren't able to be dance teachers or listen to other Jewish people through the radio. I couldn't believe they weren't allowed to join chess clubs!"

We all agreed that these laws were very unfair!

Thank you so much for teaching us about the history behind the Holocaust Dr Richardson, please come back again next year! We learnt so much from you!