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Gilbert White's Field Study Centre-River trip

On Wednesday 1st March, Year 6 visited Gilbert White's House in Selborne in order to study the river and bring our geography topic to life!

Year 6 set off on a beautiful, but chilly, March morning to the picturesque village of Selborne.

After arriving and telling the centre staff how much they already knew about rivers, 6R changed into wellies ready to investigate the river through a series of scientific experiments.  They tested the river's water speed using a rubber duck, the depth of the river and the cleanliness of the river. They also used their fishing nets to catch insects and fish and used an identification key to name them before returning them to their natural habitat of course! 

6M went hiking up the 'Zig Zag' trail first, which allowed them to hear the call of many birds and see the fabulous view across Selborne from the top- it really is worth a visit if you've never been. After the hike, 6M carried on with their river learning and using items found only in nature, they created river pictures to show how many features of a river they had remembered. 

 In the afternoon, we swapped and 6R went for the walk and 6M visited the river. The centre staff commented on the children's behaviour and said they were a credit to the school. Well done year 6- you've learnt so much today.