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Decisions, decisions, decisions!

A visitor from SCARF - Harold is back!

On Wednesday 17th May, we were visited by Sarah and Harold (the giraffe) from Scarf. As a school, we follow the planning of SCARF to ensure we cover all the very important lessons needed in PSHE. 

Sarah started the session by talking about differences between children and the 5 elements needed for physical and mental well-being. 

As our year 6 children are about to move on to secondary school, Sarah covered some of the important decision-making skills needed within social situations. She showed the children some videos in which peer pressure and alcohol was discussed. 
Within the safe and supportive classroom environment, we then discussed the right ways to deal with being offered alcohol or being persuaded to do something that you don't want to. 

The session finished with a discussion about drugs and taught the very important message that 'All medicines and drugs, but not all drugs are medicines.' We reviewed the terms 'legal' and 'illegal' and the important issue of following the dosage and prescription from a doctor when taking medicines. 

Yet again, our year 6s were beautifully behaved and engaged well in the session and answered lots of questions. The important messages from the session will help our children to stay safe and be confident in the future.