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Bike Ability Week and Weaving

In year 6 we have been doing lots of fun activities. In this blog we will explain Bike Ability week and our weaved boxes. It was so fun and we learnt lots of things while doing these activities. Read on to find out more!

By Alex, Ethan, Elizabeth and Georgia.

Bike Ability

In year 6, we had Bike Ability (25th - 29th  September) The awesome instructors were called Wayne and Terry. We cycled into the village and went to a place where we practiced lots of different skills e.g. left turn, right turn, U turn, putting our hand out to signal and many more. Some of us borrowed a bike, a helmet or both.  It was very fun because we always had the instructors to help us and they were super active and exciting! They always gave us challenges to stretch our strengths.

Weaving paper boxes and lids

In art last term, we were weaving boxes using paper strips. Our art was linked to our topic, which was the Vikings. The Vikings used to weave baskets, so we were trying to replicate their actions. We had lots of different coloured strips and we put them in between each other. Some people had the lids and boxes different colours but many of them were the same colours. When they were finished, they looked outstanding!