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How we learnt about Antarctica and went on our own expedition.

Written by the Year 6 digital leaders.


Last week we started looking at the book Ice trap. It tells the story of Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton and his crew’s adventure through Antarctica. One of our activities was to write a list of items we would need to pack on our expedition. We also went on our very own expedition to Antarctica (A.K.A 6CG), where we had to use teamwork and skills to get around an obstacle course. We did that for about 10 minutes and then we described the situations that we had e.g. we couldn’t get a good grip because we were wearing mittens, we were not allowed to step anywhere near the cracks (masking tape), we had to carry a big box full of very heavy, important equipment-dictionaries-and more. We all found it a very fun and interesting literacy lesson.


We have also written a diary entry about a stowaway called Percy because his toe got amputated due to the fact that he had frostbite on it. Now we have just planned a “how to” guide to tell people things like how to pitch a tent, what equipment you need, how to make a fire and more.