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  • Creative Forces Day 2019 for Year 5 and 6

    Published 07/06/19, by Y5 pupil

    On Thursday 6th June, 6 children from year 5 and 6 went to the University of Winchester for a Creative Forces Day.

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  • Year 5 Spring 1 Exhibition

    Published 15/02/19, by Y5 pupil

    Please look at all of our fabulous work from our topic 'Why fight for freedom?'

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  • World Book Day 2018

    Published 12/03/18, by Y5 pupil

    The snow didn't stop World Day Book

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    Published 24/01/18, by Y5 pupil
    Year 5 learnt how to stay safe online where Paul Hay came in. It was so fun when we had to do our quiz. At one point we were profile detectives where we had to look at a fake profiles. We found things that you should`nt put online, inc
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  • moon buggie project

    Published 24/01/18, by Y5 pupil

    We are still doing space but instead of rockets we are making moon buggies.

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  • Fly high rocket project

    Published 24/01/18, by Y5 pupil

    In year 5 we have made rockets for our space topic.

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    Published 19/12/17, by Y5 pupil

    Year 5 hosting a Year 3 visit to share our amazing stories!

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  • Anglo Saxon broaches

    Published 05/10/17, by Y5 pupil

    In year 5 we are learning about the Anglo Saxons and we will be making amazing broaches!


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  • Year 5 Debate and Community Lunch

    Published 09/03/17, by Mr May

    Year 5 hosted a shared lunch and debate with their grandparents and members from our local commuity. The two classes went head to head on the topics of 'Should children all have mobile phones?' and 'Should all packed lunches be Fair Trade?' 

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  • Resilience poem

    Published 17/11/16, by Mr May

    This week, Connor and Max brought me their poems they had created in class and then copied up which was all about resilience. Together they created a wonderful poem that describes all the qualities you would want to see: Reaching for your goals, never giving up, loving a challenge etc. 

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  • Matchday 1 - Quicksticks Hockey League

    Published 17/10/16, by Y5 pupil

    Year 5 and 6 play their first competitive hockey matches.

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  • New kit news!

    Published 29/09/16, by Y5 pupil

    Thanks to our new kit sponsors, Mrs Crimbles, our Yr 5 and 6 netball team were able to proudly show off their new match kit today.

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