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Stubbington Day one

After what appeared to be a marathon to get down to the  high street with all of our bags, we boarded the coach and were swiftly on the way to the south coast. We were greeted by a rainbow on our arrival, which only added to excitement! 

After finding out we had many of our friends in our dormitories and unpacking, we all engaged in a fire drill to ensure we knew what to do in an emergency. We amazed the Stubbington staff and were brilliantly behaved whilst carrying out the drill. 

After a nice hot meal for lunch, we got dressed in our wet weather clothes and started on the seashore walk. We were wowed by the kite surfers and wind surfers on the beach and looked across the Solent to see the Isle of Wight in the distance. 

Once we returned from the seashore walk, we had some free time in which we enjoyed some free time in our dormitories. 

Dinner consisted of three courses (and ended with chocolate doughnuts!) and we started to see which of the four house groups (Owls, Foxes, Kestrels and Badgers) were already using teamwork and respect- two of the Stubbington key skills.

After dinner, we split into groups again and played some games using our team work skills and learnt all about the Stubbington wildlife around us. 

Off to the hide this evening to try to spot some badgers, foxes and deer. Wish us luck!

Stubbington - Day Two

Today we woke up for our first full day at the centre after an exhausting first day. Our teachers woke us up at 7am and we ate a full breakfast. 

Today we have all enjoyed many different activities. We’ve crossed the Amazon with ‘vaccines’ that we had to deliver to a remote island (a team work activity on the adventure play ground carrying jugs of water), pond dipping and creating mammal hotels for mice, voles and other small mammals. We have set the hotels down in the Conservation Area and will be returning to them tomorrow to see how many animals we have lured in (we promise we have made these hotels nice for the animals and will be releasing them tomorrow once we’ve learnt all about them!)

We’ve used lots of our Mayhill habits today and the den building in particular needed our best critical thinking ‘caps’ and resilience was key in our Amazon challenge as we kept losing ‘lives’ by touching the floor whilst travelling around the playground. 

In the evening we visited the badger hide again and saw a huge group of 9 badgers and a family of foxes. It was lovely to see how quickly they devoured our leftovers (from our dinner!) and the children were stunned by how close they came to our hide. 

Stubbington - Day Three

The sun has shone all day here and the children have really enjoyed spending the day outside. Do check out the Gallery page for more photos. 

The children woke at a far more respectful time this morning, much to the teacher's delight and then organised their rooms for inspection. And it is fair to say that they all seem exceptionally good at keeping their rooms looking spotless (or simply competitive and want to win?!). 

The groups had a really wide range of activities on offer today. Some were able to see if they had any guests in their mammal hotels and were so excited when they found they had a vole or mouse (or both in some cases) sleeping in their little homes. Other groups went pond dipping, orienteering around the grounds, or completing a team work challenge called Earthquake. After lunch, they opened up their letters from home (which were really beautiful - thank you) and visited the tuck shop. 

The longer the children are here, the more they now seem to be settling in to the routines and the more their confidence is growing with being away from home. It's definitely not easy for all of them, but they are showing brilliant resilience and learning to focus on all the good things coming up. The staff are enjoying their sense of humours and are really proud with their manners and support for one another. 

In the evening, the Stubbington staff led the Stubbington Scrabble - a mixture of orienteering and detective skills as they ran around the Stubbington grounds with their torches trying to find clues. Our second visit to the badger hide followed and it was all quiet at 10pm which makes for very happy staff!

There are lots of day 3 photos on the gallery section of the website and a special edition Stubbington newsletter will be coming to you tomorrow with a full round up of events here.  


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