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Welcome to our Year 6 Blog!

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  • A truly magical Christmas

    Published 12/12/15, by Miss Collis

    Year 5 and 6 head off for some German culture in the city of Berlin.  Updates daily.  Don't forget to check out the school gallery too.

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  • Rock Steady ROCKS!

    Published 10/12/15, by Mr May

    Children from all year groups put on a superb concert this afternoon to parents and their friends. Find out more...

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  • Remembrance Day

    Published 11/11/15, by Y6 pupil

    We will never forget those who have sacrificed their lives for us!

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  • Digital Leaders

    Published 11/11/15, by Y6 pupil

    We are digital leaders! A few weeks a go we became digital leaders. Hooray! We're all so exited about trying out new software and can't wait for the next meeting.

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  • we have to come home?

    Published 16/10/15, by Miss Collis

    A school of sleepy heads after very peaceful dreams.

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  • It's Thursday!

    Published 15/10/15, by Miss Collis

    Pond dipping, more earthquakes and getting lost.  Happy Birthday Miss Brooks!

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  • Wednesday

    Published 14/10/15, by Miss Collis

    A great nights sleep for everyone. Lots of sleepy faces and big smiles this morning.  Even better the sun's still shining.  Whopee! Just tucking into breakfast before we head out to release the tenants of our 'hotels', well...fingers crossed the luxury 5* hotels attracted many guests. 

    We found three mice...great for sketching and labelling diagrams on adaptations.

    Now off to experience an 'earthquake'...or  to to get lost while orienteering. Well after buying our tuck.  Mr May is down today!

    Well we didn't get that lost and got to explore the grounds in detail, whilst working really well in our orienteering teams.

    The earthquake was awesome fun, including the volcanic lava leap.  We worked hard to develop our communication skills and to pull togther as a united team.  Mr May was impressed with how well we worked and how brave we were to go through the 'sewers'!

    After dinner tonight we swapped over groups so that those who did clay yesterday went to beak adaptation and vice versa; today the clay was focussed on mice.  Then it was onto a wide game of staff hide and seek with questions to answer when the adults were found.

    Another great day...all the aduts are ALL very proud of us!

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  • Tuesday

    Published 13/10/15, by Miss Collis

    We made it to day 2.

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  • Stubbington 2015 Year 5 and 6

    Published 12/10/15, by Miss Collis

    Day One - Seashore Walk and Badgers in the Mist

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  • Viking Cross Stitch - A work in  progress

    Published 07/10/15, by Y6 pupil

    Our  viking themed cross-stitch is slowly coming to life

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  • Congratulations to our New House Captains

    Published 21/09/15, by Y6 pupil

    Welcome to the Y6 blog. Throughout the year we hope that there will be a range of blogs, written largely by the children about life in year 6.

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