In art we are learning about collages and in particular Elizabeth st Hilaire pieces. We looked at some of her most famous pieces and saying what we liked and disliked about them.

In the second lesson we looked at some bird pictures and chose one draw an outline for our collages. It took a couple of tries to make a perfect outline.

In the third lesson we did the under painting. We used acrylic paint to create a more realistic bird. We did lots and lots of colour mixing to achieve a perfect shade. We can’t wait to collage our master pieces.

The fourth and last we had to rip up tiny pieces of coloured paper and stick them on our bird. The ripped affect really gives the illusion of feathers. Over all they all turned out great.

Finally, we applied the birds to a background and made a frame to present the birds.

By, Andres, Florence, Lucy, Maiya and Tilly.