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Mayhill Junior School


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Able Child

If you have a question regarding your child, please see your child’s class teacher, and following that the Able Child Leader and Deptuy Head: Miss Collis.

Often in schools you are told you are ‘Gifted and Talented’ if you get things right quickly, first time and always. However, as adults we know that the qualities of effort, patience and a tolerance for coping with frustration are also important for able children. A good example of this is this well know education clip called: Austin’s Butterfly: At Mayhill we believe that the best way of supporting able children is to ensure there is appropriate support and challenge in place every day, every lesson, so that irrespective of ability these qualities are harnessed.


Our vision is to develop the 6 key life skills agreed by parents, governors, teachers and the community of: Independence, Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Resilience and Respect.


If your child is consistently attaining above expectations for their age, in any subject, we will support them in the following ways:





  • New Knowledge
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Child achieving higher levels of attainment
  • Opportunities in class to work on content from year above.
  • Develop experiences outside of core curriculum e.g. advanced French, more able workshops with other schools, chess club, private music tuition.
  • Move quickly onto to the application of knowledge in both concrete and abstract ways. Tasks designed to create links between subjects e.g. IT/Maths/Science.
  • Mixing with other children from other year groups/schools.
  • Delve deeper into a specific subject area both at home and at school
  • Reasoning E.g puzzles and creating their own, deconstructing and rebuilding, programming
  • Pair up with experts in/out of school
  • Opportunity to develop qualities (effort, dealing with failure, patience etc) through all subjects.


  • Close liaison with Year 2 teachers enables Mayhill teaching staff to assess ability in academic subjects as well as gaining insight into their social and physical development on entering junior school. Pupils showing talents in sport as well as those working at higher than expected levels in academic subjects are nurtured at Mayhill.
  • More able pupils regularly attend workshops organised by RushmoorAble cluster where they are given the opportunity to work with pupils from other schools on a variety of curriculum subjects. These have included: Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Maths problem solving, D&T, History Vikings Artefact Research , Music Tabla Drumming, boys’ exciting writing and Art. Events are publicised regularly on the Mayhill web site.
  • Pupils are entered for a variety of competitions where team work and communication are important to success.
  • Talented pupils are encouraged to participate in a wide range of sports clubs run before/after school. Experts from different sports from cricket/rugby/judo regularly coach Mayhill pupils. Advice on joining local sports clubs is readily available from Able & PE coordinators.
  • Our residential structure is currently being reviewed to ensure children can develop their leadership and personal skills.