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Coronavirus help page

This page has the following advice:

  • What to do if you, your child and the siblings has symptoms of coronavirus
  • Help with accessing a test, including accessing tests from the school
  • When to return to school
What to do if you think you,  your child or your partner has symptoms

If you believe you, your partner or your child has symptoms, and would like to access a test, please click here. You can choose to order a home test kit or book an appointment at a test site.

If a child or adult develops one or more of the symptoms only they should be tested. There is no need for the whole household to have a test unless they are also symptomatic. This is because they will be isolating until such time the results return. 

If at any stage someone cannot cope with the symptoms or their condition significantly worsens, dial NHS 111 . In a medical emergency , dial 999.

These kits will be posted to the address given, and are returned via a Royal Mail priority mailbox. 
You can find your nearest priority box via this link (please tick the priority box): Click here 

Please call the school to inform us a member of your household has symptoms and that you are seeking a test. 

If you request a home kit to be delivered, the following two resources may be useful: 

1. Step-by-step written guide on administering a test at home: Click here

2. Watch the following video which helps explain what to do:



I understand the school has test kits that can be given out - how do I access them? 

We have been instructed that test kits can only be offered in exceptional circumstances to individuals (pupils, teachers and staff) who:
• Have developed symptoms while at school or your college, and
• You believe they may have barriers to accessing a test elsewhere or
• You believe that if you sent the individual home without a kit, they would not receive a test at all. 

Sadly we cannot offer test kits to families where the only reason for not accessing one is the time taken to receive one. No school is permitted to conduct coronavirus tests on site. 

Who will get sent home from school if a child tests positive? 

As a school, we have been issued with the following advice.