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Mayhill Junior School


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Parents' Information

Dear Parents,

At Mayhill we acknowledge that each child is different – what will work for one child is different to what works for another child. Just the same as families.

We aim to establish an atmosphere in which any kind of situation or problem can be discussed in a confidential and supportive way, hopefully empowering you to return home to your own individual situation armed with reassurance as well as ideas and the knowledge that there are people wanting to support you.

We are happy to help you with a range of problems including:

  • Supporting your child through friendship challenges.

  • Bereavement and loss

  • Transition – particularly for those in the RAF

  • Internet safety

  • Who you can turn to if things get tough.

  • Keeping up with payments for trips, schools dinners etc

If you wish to make an appointment with myself, the school ELSA, Inclusion Manager or any of the class teachers, please contact the school office and we will get back to you.

Many Thanks

Mrs McGillivray