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Pupil Premium

Service Premium for RAF families

As you may be aware, the school receives a small sum of money each year for each child whose parents are in the armed forces, currently this is £300 per child.  This premium is there to ensure the school is able to support the social and emotional welfare of children and families who may be affected by deployment or making a transition from school to school mid-year.  (Sadly, it is not provided to schools to subsidise school trips, clubs etc and cannot be individually allocated on a per-child basis.)

Last year, the school used its service premium in many ways, some of which include:

  • School ELSA hours for social and emotional support.
  • New before and after school wrap around care provision.
  • Training, cost of supply and resources for the ‘Mayhill Heroes’ weekly lunchtime club.
  •  Camo Day / Creative Forces Day Out
  • Training: e.g. 2 day mental health training, attended by our ELSA; or a high impact maths intervention course so that the school can become more proficient at identifying any gaps in mathematical understanding (common if a child has attended several schools).

This year, in addition to the above, projects include:

  • Training for the Service Leader in school: who will continue to run the ‘Mayhill Heroes’ club – a weekly club specifically for service children where arts, crafts and play activities are available along with opportunities for children to interact with service children.
  • Development of the Y5 Science & Engineering competition (summer term) that is organised by Boeing and RAF Odiham for all local schools.
  • Training and support to ensure teaching and learning is of the highest quality.

Your feedback and suggestions

More than anything, we want to ensure we are meeting the needs of our children and families.  We would welcome all suggestions for the kind of activities, projects or gatherings that maybe you have seen work well elsewhere, or that you know would really benefit you and your child.  There is lots more we can do, but we want to get it right!

Pupil Premium families in receipt of free school meals

As you may be aware, the school receives a small sum of money each year for each child whose parents have claimed for free school meals within the last six years. This money is then used to support the academic and educational outcomes for those children. (Sadly, it cannot be individually allocated on a per-child basis due to the numbers of children and economies of scale.) Details of how we spend this money can be accessed below.