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Mayhill Junior School


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Remote Learning

If your child is absent from school for reasons related to coronavirus, we are able to provide school work for them. We do not expect children who are unwell to be accessing remote learning. 

Remote Learning is available for children well enough to work and who are absent due to coronavirus.  For example, children who are isolating with no symptoms due to a member of their household. If you would like your child to be provided school work, please inform the school so we can put our plans into place. 

Please also call the school if you need to borrow a laptop as we have set aside some for children to borrow. 

We have divided their time away from school and how we approach their work into two areas:

  • First 2 days. 
  • Days 3 - 10

All remote learning activities for their first two days is available on the year group tabs. Thereafter, it is delivered through your child's Seesaw account.