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Mayhill Junior School


Junior School


School Improvement Plan

The school has adopted 4  priorities for this academic year and a safeguarding priority. They are: 

Priority 1

Implement an effective catch-up curriculum following COVID lockdown 2020.  

Follow the period of school closure in 2020, we now aim to ensure this year's curriculum is designed so that it meets the needs of all of our children all of the time. To do this, we have separated out our strategy into six areas: Quality First teaching; Helping parents to help their child; Adapted curriculum design (how can other subjects contribute to the catch-up); Intervention and support; Well-being; and Remote learning. Within each of these areas, we will make changes to our normal curriculum provision so that collectively we help all of children at Mayhill to have a successful year. 

Priority 2

Children’s learning in all areas of the curriculum is well developed (OFSTED action Dec 19)

Following our OFSTED last year, our main priority action point was the continued development of our foundation subjects. This year, we will be reviewing our curriculum offer in RE, PE and DT and making further improvements. 

Priority 3

Raise standards in Maths, specifically for vulnerable or under-achieving groups.

Each year we set a priority relating to a core subject. This year, especially in light of the school closure, we will be reflecting on our approach in maths for vulnerable or under-achieving groups. This will include personalised assessments, responsive teaching, timely intervention, and continued CPD for our staff in closing the children's gaps in learning.

Priority 4

Identify and improve the impact of the Mayhill Habits for personal development

We firmly believe that our Mayhill habits should become just that - a habit - and that this will only by helping children to understand and reflect on the actions they take. 

  • Teachers know and understand the 3 key elements of each Mayhill Habit and make reference to these in their language within lessons, especially with a focus on foundation subjects.
  • Children are able to articulate and self-assess their own strengths and areas for development against the Mayhill Habits
  • Curriculum planning successfully supports the personal development of the Mayhill Habits.

Safeguarding Priority

To maintain a safe environment for the full return of all pupils.